Little Waists, but Big Trend

While we all have noticed that the later 1900’s trends have come back into fashion, a little bit older trend has seemed to resurface recently. While you may hear the word corset and think of old fashioned ladies sipping tea in the 1600’s, the Kardashian sisters have began to remake that connection. Corsets have now become all the rage again, with people trying to achieve that little waist look and believing a corset is the way to do so. There are a couple different types of corsets, ranging from different styles of fashion corsets to athletic ones known as “waist trainers”. The Kardashians are well known for supporting this trend, stating that part of the reason they have the small waists that they’re famous for is because of these new corsets. Kylie is seen often out in public with various types of fashion corsets on, while some of the other sisters such as Kim and Khloe are famous for advertising their fitness corsets, posting various pictures on their social medias of their workouts and the effect of their corset. More and more people are beginning to take part in this trend, but personally I would rather be able to breathe during the day, especially if i am working out. Corsets were forgotten for a reason, and while i will not be taking part in this new trend, you can decide for yourself if you would like to try it out this spring!




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