Prom Dress Disasters

Prom season is coming up and girls are struggling with finding out what to wear. Some people like shopping in stores and some online. When a few girls bought their dream prom dresses online, they turned into nightmares when they arrived looking completely different from the images they saw online. Most of these dresses are bought from websites such as Ebay, Amazon and other online websites.

fashionThe picture on the left of this prom dress seems to be nicely fitted to the body when in reality, it’s loose and gives no shape to the buyer’s body. The laced flower fabric is not laid flat and is loose.

fashionThis dress is somewhat close to the picture shown online but in reality, doesn’t look appealing. The design and color seem to be the same except for the mesh part. The mesh part of the dress does not have a type of skin tone color to it.

This proves that when you are shopping for prom dresses, don’t go online. Go to an actual store and try it on to see how it fits on you. That way, you’ll have yourself look bomb for prom!



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