Watson and Hathaway Say NO to Fast Fashion

For those who don’t know, “fast fashion” is a way of quickly manufacturing clothing and selling it at a cheap, affordable price. Now, think of your favorite stores. Did Forever 21, Zara, or Topshop, or H&M come to mind? Another thing many consumers don’t know about these stores is the harm they do to our environment and to garment workers.

  • 5,000 gallons of water are used to produce a simple t-shirt and pair of jeans
  • Harmful chemicals are sprayed on millions of cotton fields leading to genetic defects and holes in the O-Zone
  • 3/4 pieces of clothing will end up in a landfill
  • Fast fashion puts many garment workers in danger
    • In 2013, 1,135 garment workers died when a manufacturing building collapsed in Bangladesh

Forever 21, Zara, Topshop, and H&M are some of the biggest culprits of fast fashion.

Image result for rana plazaImage result for landfills

Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway are no strangers to this disgusting concept. Emma Watson fashioned a Louis Vuitton custom made dress composed of 100% recycled polyester to the opening night of her Beauty and the Beast press tour. Even better, she continued her eco-friendly outfit trend onto the second night, where she dressed in a shirt and trousers composed of organic silk. Anne Hathaway made the smart decision to follow in Emma’s footsteps. On March 28, her stylist Penny Lovell posted a picture on Instagram stating that for her Colossal press tour she will only be wearing sustainable fashion. Earlier this week Anna posted a gif on Instagram of her dress, captioning it “$20 flea market dress. Let’s do this @sheiscolossal press day”.

Image result for emma watson beauty and the beast press tourImage result for emma watson beauty and the beast press tour day 2Image result for anne hathaway sustainable fashion

These celebrities are helping to encourage the fashion industry to fix all of its damages and to promote sustainable fashion. For more information on the fashion industry’s impact on the world, try watching The True Cost documentary. Remember to style yourself in products of slow fashion! -IK


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