Off the shoulder shirts are in!

Look outside and you’ll see spring is near, but off the shoulder shirts are here! A new trend has sprung from 12 year olds to adults. Off the shoulder shirts are a great combination of conservative and sexy. They cover your chest and stomach but reveal your shoulders in a controlled risqué fashioned. This look is appropriate enough that high school students can rock it without getting dress coded. The best part about this top is you can slap on a simple necklace or a Lacey bralette and a pair of jeans and voila! You have an easy and super cute outfit! So enjoy your sweet spring season in a cute colorful off the shoulder top.




Riot Croc Embossed Leather Wallet Shoulder Bag

This Spring Alexander Wang has very popular leather wallet shoulder bags. They come in all sorts of different, shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have a ring as a holder and others have a chain. They have a very unique look to them and seem to be sky rocketing in the fashion world. Although the new look is stylish they are very pricey. I would not recommend buying this expensive item due to its size.  -E.H Pd.7Alexander Wang Riot Croc Embossed Leather Wallet Shoulder BagSimon Miller Bonsai 15 Leather Bucket BagLittle Liffner Tiny Box Lizard-Effect Leather Shoulder BagEddie Borgo Pepper Mini Paneled Canvas and Leather Shoulder Bag

How to Make Modest the Hottest: Summer/Spring

Whether it’s for religious beliefs or comfort, we all want to look a little bit more modest at times. Where this gets really hard is when you’re in the blazing sun or want to keep up with summer trends. Here are some tips to keep a modest style even when its warmer.

  1. SKIRTS: Can be of a light fabric for more ventilation in the summer sun. Maxi and midi are SO in and SO modest. A possible slit can give it a little more edge and get some air in as well! Image result for maxi skirt tumblr
  2. FLOWY PANTS: Cute and flowy pants are fun and totally modest!Image result for flowy pants
  3. KIMONO OR LIGHT CARDIGAN: These are absolutely perfect for those sleeveless tops that you want to cover up with out getting too hot! They are also super cute accessories! Image result for kimono
  4. ONE PIECES: one piece bathing suits are totally in and modest for fun summer places like the beach and pool! Celebs are obsessed with them as well!! Image result for one piece bathing suits
  5. FLOWY TOPS: Paired with a cute tank or bralette underneath, these tops are super cute and modest!Image result for flowy tops  Who said modest can’t be the hottest?!                                                                                   -E.K

OFF to spring break w/ OFF the shoulder looks

One of my favorite looks especially during the spring time, is off the shoulder shirts, rompers, and dresses. This spring break i can’t wait to get out my off the shoulder clothes from my closet because they can make any type of style you want. The look can give off many styles like edgy, tumblr, classy, etc. You can find some of our favorite celebrities rocking the look like the Jenner sisters and our favorite idol Rihanna. Kendall is wearing a white off the shoulder crop top with black flowy pants which is perfect for a mild but little chilly day this break. Kylie is killing the game with a pink off the shoulder dress matched with a black choker for a night out. Rihanna is wearing a white off the shoulder shirt that is unbuttoned to give a more scandalous but so cute look. All three of favorite celebrities pulled off this trendy look and you can too by buying one in any store or online. Many of these outfits are at a great price with good quality and come in so many different patterns and colors. Make sure you kick off this break looking even more trendy but comfortable with the off the shoulder look.



The Newest Denim Obsession

There is something unique about Acne Studios It items. While so many trendy pieces seem to drift in and out of relevancy in fashion, the Stockholm-based brand’s best buys have stuck around for a long while. Think of their ever-popular Pistol boot or Velocite leather jacket, which is worn by fashion’s finest year after year. Right at the top of that list, is their notable denim pieces. In an official denim relaunch, Acne Studios just announced Blå Konst. A permanent collection, intended for both men and women. The collection will include seasonal collections featuring denim and non-denim pieces. This collection is sure to be a hit!

Here are some of styles and washes:

bruinista 4BRUINIST 1BRUINISTA 2bruinista 3

xoxo SS

Lush Bath Bombs

Lush is a company that makes ethical and handmade products. One of their most popular products are bath bombs. Bath bombs are a great way to make baths more fragrant and relaxing. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs so there is one for everyone. All you have to do is drop the bath bomb in the bath tub and relax! They add color and fragrance to any bath. Many companies produce bath bombs but Lush is ethical, fresh, and fights animal testing.     LH

Remembering Selena

Recently it marked 22 years since Selena Quintanilla left the world. Selena has been immortalized as the “Queen of Tejano Music” and was a Mexican American musical icon that successfully broke into the Latin market with several Spanish-language hits. Not only was Selena well known in the music industry she also had a passion for fashion. She felt so passionate about clothes that she opened two boutiques, one in San Antonio and the other in Corpus Christi. Her designs were memorable and her eye for fashion was timeless. The designs she created with boots, high waisted form-fitting pants, skirts, etc. She also designed many of her own outfits to preform on stage. One of style staples were her customized bustiers that were so iconic many celebrities to this day are still rocking the look.


Image result for selena quintanilla bustiersImage result for selena quintanilla fashionImage result for selena quintanilla pants