GQ- Covering Models and The Importance of Equality

For decades, even centuries, people of the LGBTQ+ community have been discriminated against and devalued just for being who they are. Recently in 2017, we as a society have been trying to fix the previous judgement and prejudices of others by creating an environment that loves and appreciates all, no matter who they are or what they identify as. GQ magazine is a perfect example of how we are changing society today. Andreja Pejić, a transgender model, will be the first transgender model on not one, but TWO covers of GQ Portugal’s magazine. Not only is this a huge accomplishment for her, but it also helps pave the way for other LGBTQ+ people in fashion and in general. Andreja is humble and honored to be where she is now, but we should be honored that we have the opportunity to live in a time where we can experience this much-needed change. Hopefully we can have more diversity in fashion not only featuring gender and sexuality, but maybe even race and other things as well. 2017 just started, but it already shows so much promise. -ED 🙂

Andreja Pejic fronts the April 2017 edition of GQ Portugal.


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