Nothing is more annoying then an old worn out sock. There are probably holes in the soles and they don’t keep your feet warm. Well if your looking for some new socks your can look no farther, Bombas has you covered. The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word bumblebee. This company makes some of the best sock out there. They launched their company with the goal of fixing the problem of high demand for socks in homeless shelters. So for every pair you buy they give on to a homeless shelter. To do this, however, they had to redesign the whole sock to a game changer. When doing this the first priority was comfort. So they picked the most comfortable material, Extra Long Staple Cotton. This keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and moister wicking properties. Then they took out the seam of the sock because those are never comfortable when wearing a tight shoe. Their is  reinforced foot bead built for comfort and a tiny ankle tab so you will never get blisters. Next they put in a honeycomb design in the arch of the foot for the most support where needed most. These at just some of the improvement that they have made. You can find the rest on their website I have a pair  of these socks and cannot get enough of them. They are comfortable and good quality. Best of all they are for a good cause and every time I wear them it makes me happy knowing I have helped someone in need.


The Bombas logo and its mission statment

Bombas Logo

This is a picture of all the cool new technology of the Bombas socks.

soak-tech-new Bombas


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