How to Make Modest the Hottest: Summer/Spring

Whether it’s for religious beliefs or comfort, we all want to look a little bit more modest at times. Where this gets really hard is when you’re in the blazing sun or want to keep up with summer trends. Here are some tips to keep a modest style even when its warmer.

  1. SKIRTS: Can be of a light fabric for more ventilation in the summer sun. Maxi and midi are SO in and SO modest. A possible slit can give it a little more edge and get some air in as well! Image result for maxi skirt tumblr
  2. FLOWY PANTS: Cute and flowy pants are fun and totally modest!Image result for flowy pants
  3. KIMONO OR LIGHT CARDIGAN: These are absolutely perfect for those sleeveless tops that you want to cover up with out getting too hot! They are also super cute accessories! Image result for kimono
  4. ONE PIECES: one piece bathing suits are totally in and modest for fun summer places like the beach and pool! Celebs are obsessed with them as well!! Image result for one piece bathing suits
  5. FLOWY TOPS: Paired with a cute tank or bralette underneath, these tops are super cute and modest!Image result for flowy tops  Who said modest can’t be the hottest?!                                                                                   -E.K

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