OFF to spring break w/ OFF the shoulder looks

One of my favorite looks especially during the spring time, is off the shoulder shirts, rompers, and dresses. This spring break i can’t wait to get out my off the shoulder clothes from my closet because they can make any type of style you want. The look can give off many styles like edgy, tumblr, classy, etc. You can find some of our favorite celebrities rocking the look like the Jenner sisters and our favorite idol Rihanna. Kendall is wearing a white off the shoulder crop top with black flowy pants which is perfect for a mild but little chilly day this break. Kylie is killing the game with a pink off the shoulder dress matched with a black choker for a night out. Rihanna is wearing a white off the shoulder shirt that is unbuttoned to give a more scandalous but so cute look. All three of favorite celebrities pulled off this trendy look and you can too by buying one in any store or online. Many of these outfits are at a great price with good quality and come in so many different patterns and colors. Make sure you kick off this break looking even more trendy but comfortable with the off the shoulder look.




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