Makeup Today

The most exciting thing I do is my makeup in the morning because it personally makes me feel creative. This is perhaps not the case in the real world. In the real world, people question the purpose of makeup and why they are obsessed with it.

To be honest, there are so many reasons people love makeup. It adds so much to your character. It makes you feel creative. It helps people who have skin problems that don’t feel comfortable in it. It really defines who you are. Is that really the only reason makeup has been such a big industry in this decade?

Definitely not. It’s more about what is behind makeup that’s interesting today. When did we start seeing all these makeup products that had never been in the market pop up? How is it possible that when I go through my mom’s makeup all I see is blush, lipstick, and eyeliner and when she goes though my makeup, she can’t name most of it? This is all thanks to social media. Social media has made makeup go from 0 to 100. Today there are 100s of professional beauty bloggers and influencers in youtube alone. They talk about products in a  way that grabs our attention. Most of the time I buy makeup products that my favorite beauty gurus like. It is the same from everyone. Company pay these makeup gurus to advertise their product and it is working at it’s finest.

Makeup today has become a business that people can’t get enough of. Both the consumer and the producer don’t seem to get enough. They love it. It is everywhere. It is hard to escape.



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