Cropped Hoodies

The weather is getting a bit cooler now that it’s Autumn. Everyone loves to dress a little more warmer for the season, but is that hoodie you’re wearing getting a little too hot? Hoodies have always been around, but cropped hoodies is today’s fashion statement for the fall. Individuals can also wear it in the Spring as well. Many celebrities wear cropped hoodies to stay warm in style like actress, Zendaya and singer, Rihanna. It is super comfortable and easy to wear. It can be worn as a formal, casual, and dressy use of clothing. Cropped hoodies expose the waist, revealing your flattering figure. People can match them up with high waisted pants, shorts, skirts, sneakers, heels, etc. It is quick and accessible when trying to plan a last minute outfit. If you are a crop top lover, you should consider trying out cropped hoodies, and I will guarantee you that you’ll love it!

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