Disco Dancing with Cara Delevingne

In the beginning of November, Jimmy Choo came out with his new Cruise 2018 Collection starring Cara Delevingne. In his Cruise collection, he had a range of shoes from unisex flats to dazzling, sparkly heels and boots along with a collection of sparkly handbags. In the video campaign with Cara Delevingne, she modeled her favorite shoes from his collection like the blinged-out black boots. Each style is to be worn in an elegant setting such as a cocktail party, galas, and maybe even a disco dance because of all the bling in some of the shoes. Since the holidays are coming up, every style in his collection would be perfect to wear for the occasion. The sparkling of the shoes or the handbag would shimmer in the dark which could make you, the shoes, or the handbag stand out. “This season isn’t about one look, it’s about the many ways a woman might dress up for a night on the city…The shoot and film both perfectly capture the sense of anticipation and infectious energy that a night out can bring. It’s important for us to show the fun side of the brand” -Jimmy Choo



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