Harry Styles: A Bold Fashion Icon.

Harry Styles; a name near and dear to most of our hearts (by most i mean all the girls who loved One Direction) has had a great year with his self-titled debut solo album. The 23 year old is best known for his One Direction days and recently his extravagant fashion. He is normally seen rocking exquisite suits with very bold patterns, including a plethora of floral’s, leathers, metallic’s, and suede. Most people probably wouldn’t be able to pull off a suit that resembles your grandmothers couch but Harry can!GettyImages-850452108    The Gucci suit was first seen at one of his concerts and became more recognized after the release of the music video for his song “Kiwi”. As for shoes, he normally wears the iconic Chelsea Boot or maybe sometimes Cowboy Boots. At red-carpet events Harry is normally one of the most uniquely dressed, Harry most definitely is the type to be over dressed at any social event. Recently at the ARIA’s he was seen wearing a metallic purple paisley patterned suit with dress shoes, a very bold choice. Harry Styles to me is a very stylish Man and brings out a very fashionable side of himself that other people would feel too uncomfortable to do, He truly is a fashion icon.

AP 2


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