Are new footwear trends in Paris Fashion Week shoe-able?

Lately in the media as well as Paris Fashion Week, it is known very well that crazy shoes are in. But just exactly how crazy are they? The shoes try to emphasize a lavish but, a completely unexpected footwear. From con-caving sneakers to thin, sculptural and clear, plastic heels, Fashion Week has officially taken their audience by surprise. Even though you wouldn’t expect these styles to carry on but, to our surprise, these trends have started an epidemic in fashion and this will only continue to rise. Thanks to Jimmy Choo’s ” Off- White Collection” and Rihanna’s ” Fenty x Puma Collection” , the wackiness will continue to rise. Say goodbye to sleek black pumps and say hello to heavy lace-ups and thick threads.  

The styles contrast a lot as you can see. For example, Balmain has a broad and clear heel while Saint Laurent had a thin heel with feather on every shoe.


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