Designer Spotlight: Ann Lowe

Ann Lowe was one of the top African american fashion designers in the 1950s. Born in Clayton, Alabama Lowe quickly joined her grandmother’s dress making business as soon as she could. Later hired by a high paying client Lowe was paid to make dresses exclusively for the clients daughter. Later Lowe furthered her education by attending couture course in New York. Picked on by her classmates due to the color of her skin Lowe chose to focus on her education and not the negativity around her. This served her well, because of her drive for education she booked a number of small jobs later booking at a fashion house in New York. Her work caught the eye of Jacqueline Bouvier, soon to become Jacqueline Kennedy. Bouvier was to be married to John F. Kennedy and asked Lowe to commission her a dress. To this day Jackie Kennedy’s dress is one of the most memorable wedding dresses of all time. Today some of Lowe’s amazing work is featured in National Museum of African American History and Culture. The designs do not only show off Lowe’s hard work and drive but also her ability to create elegant designs.



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