A Scrunchy 2018


The hair tie that never really tied up your hair (mine at least) is now back from the 90s! Not a surprise as many other trends from the alternative age have seen a rebirth. Except now they aren’t called scrunchies, but rather “hair clouds.”


Celebrities started showing an interest in late 2017, and now it seems to be picking up media attention.  A trend supposedly brought back by Selena Gomez has made its way to the gym, red carpet, and in the tresses of us high schoolers.

bbb1.jpgGet the right kind, twist them around a few times, and they get the job done. Coming in materials such as cotton and silk they may be the solution for the tight hair ties tugging towards hair loss.

They work for shiny and sleek hairstyles or to add texture to a messy bun. For girls like me who don’t have time to give more than 5 seconds of thought to our hair may just want to grab one of these. Plus, they are much harder to lose!

– F. R. –






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