Kaia X Karl’s 2018 takeover

Similar names and hopefully similar taste! 2017’s Breakout Model of the Year, Kaia Gerber, daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, is designing a capsule collection alongside the timeless and creative genius behind designs for Chanel, Fendi, and his own line named after him, Karl Lagerfeld. Kaia, at the young age of 16, had previously opened his Chanel and Fendi fashion shows and was spotted at the opening of the Mademoiselle Privé exhibit for Chanel in Hong Kong, so it’s safe to say that she was definitely at the top of the list for this collaboration. Many people are excited to see how this collection will turn out with the blend of Karl’s “Parisian elegance” and Kaia’s “Malibu grunge princess” vibes. The CEO of the Karl Lagerfeld brand has stated that Kaia and Karl have been “working intensely over the last months with Kaia in LA and at our studio in Paris” which 100% sounds just like a dream. The brand also mentions that Karl was first to mention that they should collaborate with Kaia and they were all on board for it and the mix of “potential and power”. They have also mentioned that this collection will contain items such as jewellery, shoes, and sunglasses.  This collection will be launched through events in L.A., New York, and Paris this fall. It is a capsule collection so I’m hoping that these pieces really do never go out of style and also hoping for the best out of the two fashion icons, well one at least budding. –NE5

Kaia’s streetwear looks and Kaia while designing her collab collection.



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