Slipping into Spring

Slip-On sneakers are the staple item needed during the spring season. Slip-On sneakers can be worn with multiple different outfits and are a necessity in everyone’s closet for the most comfy, laid-back outfit or a more causal, date night outfit. The slip-on sneaker is important for everyone to have because of its versatility, comfortable design, and overall simplicity. A pair of cute slip-on sneakers can be worn with a pair of black leggings, a simple over-sized sweater can make your “bum” day look cute and comfy.

Photo, an other post from the blog Death by Elocution on Bloglovin.

For a more casual, date-night look, a leather jacket, a simple t-shirt dress, and a pair of slip-on sneakers can make your outfit look put together but casual at the same time.

Autumn Outfit: Jennifer Sandsjö is wearing a black dress from H&M, brown leather jacket from Zara and the slip-on shoes are from Nilson

Slip-on sneakers are very comfortable, so walking in the sneakers for a long time would not hurt your feet all while looking put-together. Slip-on sneakers come in a variety of styles. Some of the most popular styles are plain black slip-on sneakers, cheetah/leopard print sneakers, and baby pink sneakers, along with metallic slip-on sneakers.

From the sea to the city streets, this perforated Seaside slip-on is perfect for any outfit and every adventure.                             Women's Reese Slip On Sneakers - Mossimo Supply Co.™ : Target

Leopard Slip On Sneakers #stevemadden                     Minimal + Chic | @codeplusform

The versatility and the simplicity of the slip-on sneaker has been used by teens all through women into their 40’s and 50’s which shows how the slip-on sneaker is loved and can be worn by all. By styling your outfits this spring with either colorful and unique slip-on sneakers, or just a basic, plain black-leather slip-on sneaker, you can style many different outfits all while staying comfortable and not having the struggle of laces!



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