Nike all year round?!

You can wear Nike all year round. You can dress it up or dress it down. When I want to look cute I usually wear ripped jeans with a simple top and some Nikes, and when I want to bum I can throw on some leggings, a sweater, and some Nikes, and I am out the door!

Nike can be worn all year such as Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring. There is never a specific time you can wear Nike which is a good reason to write about this. Nike never goes out of style and looks cute and effortless with almost every outfit.

You see a lot of celebrities rocking Nikes while running errands around the city. Usually, when we see our favorite celebrities wearing a cute outfit we like to recreate it or wear the exact same shoe, top or whatever the case may be. This is how styles stay in style or new styles are brought to the streets.

Nikes are affordable, good quality, and cute. One good thing about Nikes is that they last a long time. Nothing is better than a shoe lasting a long time. If you don’t have a good pair of shoes you should definitely go buy a simple black or white Nike shoe, so it matches with all your outfits!

Here are some pictures of celebrities rocking Nike.

Drake wearing Nike vapormax sneakers.

Rihanna wearing Nike AirForce 1’s.

Wearing Nike top with Nike red shoes.

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