What to Wear on Your Date

When it’s winter it’s almost impossible to find a perfect winter date outfit. By using your astrology sign I will help direct you to find your new go to outfit!

Aries: Red

Be bold, wear red. A cute long sleeve velvet dress is perfect for your hot date!Image result for Red winter date outfit

Taurus: Green

Wear green with a feisty pair of shades to bump up the mysterious look

Image result for Green winter date outfit

Gemini: Yellow

Wear a mustard yellow to show you can pull of even the toughest colors

Image result for Yellow winter date outfit

Cancer: White

A white sweater dress with some thigh high boots will prove you can dress warm while slaying the game

Image result for White winter date outfit

Leo: Gold

Wear gold to show your date how you don’t mess around

Image result for Gold metallic winter date outfit

Virgo: Olive Green

Olive green… Yes please!

Image result for Olive green metallic winter date outfit

Libra: Pink

Be fun and flirty with a cute baby pink!

Image result for pink winter date outfit

Scorpio: Black

Show your new date that you can dress up while dressing down in all black

Image result for Black winter date outfit

Sagittarius: Purple

Show how complex you are by wearing a bold purple

Image result for purple winter date outfit

Capricorn: Brown

Brown, on brown, on brown, with more brown! It all just goes well together!

Image result for brown winter date outfit

Aquarius: Blue

Be beautiful in blue

Image result for blue  winter date outfit

Pieces: Teal

Be tough in all teal

Image result for teal winter date outfit




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