All eyes on Halima

Vogue Arabia made a major step forward for hijab-inclusive fashion after reveleaing a 20 year old Somali-American model Halima Aden as one of their star covers. Halima made history by being the first hijabi model to grace to the covers of vogue, she shot to fame when she walked in kanye West’s yeezy season 5 fashion show in February and now here she is making history. Halima Aden was born to somali parents in a UN refugee camp in Northeastern Kenya, Aden was seven when her family finally recieved permission to resttle in the united states. She was the first beauty pageant contestant in the U.S. to wear a hijab and burkini (a swimsuit with pants and a long sleeved tunic, with a head covering). Halima has inspired and impacted alot of young women around the word, “My goal is to send a message to muslim and young women everywhere that it is okay to break stereotypes and be yourself” she once said to vogue “Always stay true to who you are barriers can and will be broken”.



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