On January 7, 2018, from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, The 75th Golden Globe Awards honored film and American television of 2017. The red carpet is known for showing off your outstanding looks , but instead many celebrities wore black and showed the their support for the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. The Time’s Up movement was started by many leading ladies including Kerry Washington and Natalie Portman. The movement was a way to stand in unity with victims of sexual harassment and assault, as well as to represent them. This was a way to say everyone should be treated equally. Time’s Up’s approach includes a legal defense fund which had raised 15 million dollars that will help women protect themselves against sexual misconduct and encourage them to report it when it happens.  “We’re committed to making a change not just in our industry, but every industry.” says actress, Kerry Washington. Everyone , well mostly everyone, wore black and had their own different take on it which was so interesting to see. This was such a great way to protest against sexual harassment. AA



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