Don’t Eat The TIDE PODS !

B428ED36-036D-4EC9-BCBF-97ADC087FA63The so-called tide pod challenge involves poor decisions, with people placing Tide Pods in their mouths and posting videos how it results online. Placing the cleaning product in one’s mouth can cause significant health effects and could be fatal. Tide pushed back against the challenge, posting to its Twitter account that the pods should be used for doing laundry and nothing else.  Even New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appeared in Tide’s video telling people not to get any ideas. Some Internet challenge do good by raising money for researching a disease, others are dumb, like the Mannequin Challenge, in which everyone freezes in place for a video. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there were 39 cases nationally of people ages 13 to 19 being poisoned by Tide Pods from Jan. 1 to 15, around the time the challenge rose. That number matched the number of cases for all of 2016. There were 53 such poisonings in 2017. Overall, some trends aren’t worth following, DONT eat a tide pod. Vale B Pd2


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