Is Kylie Jenner Really Pregnant?

Kylie Jenner, youngest of Kardashian/Jenner Family. Recently in the news, thought to be pregnant with Travis’s Scotts Child. This news has been blowing up all around. Paparazzi has been catching a sneak peek but is it all just a trick? I believe she is not pregnant. I feel that it is just for publicity. Maybe to drive the attention away from the surrogate of Kim or pregnancy of Kourtney Kardashian. Kylie has not publicly announced anything yet but photos have been released. Speculated to have been photoshopped. She has been hiding recently, covering her stomach in photos and covering up more. Like in the recent Calvin Klein shoot she was the only model covering up with blankets. Also in other photo shoots she was covering herself with a lamb. This may be just to keep the illusion that she is pregnant. People are assuming without her confirming anything. I guess we will figure out in a couple of months. I hope you do your research before you make your decision on whether she is pregnant or not. – Sharon M. (Pd. 2)






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