New Addition to the Jenner Family

On February 4th, the big question was finally revealed: Kylie Jenner was in fact pregnant. She went to Instagram to announce and confirm the rumors that have been whirling around social media. Kylie posted a video filled with many small moments of the past 9 months, and exclusive videos from her friends and family. The video also includes kind words from her friends, such as Jordyn Woods, giving a special message to the baby. Comments were filled with a bunch of positive words, coming from huge celebrities like herself, and even close friends, but more importantly her fans.

Two days later, Kylie also posted a very heart warming picture of a glimpse of her new born baby. It became the most liked picture on Instagram, with a whopping 15 million double taps. She named the caption “Stormi Webster” and the whole world went crazy with the now named, new-born Jenner baby. We now await for more pictures of Stormi, along side her mother, and co-parent Travis Scott. GF-4ffbruiin


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