Mardi Gras Magic!

Mardi Gras consists of beads, music, parades, floats, king cake, masquerade balls, and many more festivities! All throughout Louisiana, today is the start of many days of partying and celebrations. Purple, gold, and green decorations are spread throughout the city as well as beads. Mardi Gras beads are typically 3 colors, purple, green, and gold, but more colors are being incorporated in the recent years. People celebrate many traditions throughout this holiday some of which are king cake and dressing up. Masks are a huge part of Mardi Gras, most people who dress up have their face covered by something or have a mask on. In the French Quarter, particularly on Bourbon Street, people go on balconies and throw beads down to the people in and watching the parade. Mardi Gras is basically one giant celebration throughout the city for multiple days.


Image result for mardi gras pictures beadsRelated imageImage result for mardi gras bourbon street decorated throwing beads


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