Grown-ish: The Most Fashionable Show on TV

Viewers of the hit ABC comedy Black-ish know Zoey Johnson as the chic and outspoken daughter of Dre Johnson but now with Grown-ish, the college spinnoff, viewers can see more of Zoey in a realistic way. Grown-ish has many realistic college situations that appeal to high school and college audiences but one of the main loves of the show is the style. E! named Grown-ish the most stylish show on tv and it’s pretty accurate. With eight main characters whose outfits all incorporate new trends of the fashion world, viewers easily draw inspiration from the show. Zoey, played by Yara Shadidi, is a trend setter and risk taker when it comes to fashion. Yara’s character, as well as her, love fashion and it shows through the many stylish and bold outfit choices. The other characters Grown-ish also take daring fashion risks including the boys. As Grown-ish continues, Zoey Johnson proves to be a tv fashion icon in the making.



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