Strut Down the Runway

New York Fashion Week 2018 began on February 8, 2018, and ends on the 16th. With just a few days left, NYFW never fails to show some of the wildest, over-the-top looks. Here’s a quick recap:

Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2018 show was filled with kaleidoscope rain wear, moon boots, and sci-fi colored wigs. It was model Jourdan Dunn’s that turned the most heads. A neon getup complete with oversized moon boots.


Gypsy Sport’s show showed a lot of skin, with one model after another making their way down the runway in jaw dropping looks. One model happened to walk down the catwalk with denim-like bikini bottoms and a feather boa wrapped around her torso as a top.


We get it, fashion is all about self-expression and creating statements. Well, it’s safe to say these outfits definitely made some bold statements!

NM 4


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