Being Fake,Tan.

Yeah, I’m fake. Fake tan, that is. Being a pale, teenage girl in the middle of the winter, it is nearly impossible to sustain a glow from the sun. Counting down the days until spring to catch my first glimpse of sunlight may sound silly but the confidence provided by a little bit of sun on my skin makes me feel like, “I’m walking on sunshine.”

Being an avid youtube watcher, I came across a beautiful australian beauty vlogger. After watching many of her videos, I finally came across one about spray tanning. I had never thought about fake tanning my body but when I saw how natural her skin looked, I readjusted my mindset. Her confidence in her body motivated me to want to be the same way, so, I jumped in my car headed towards the local target.

After purchasing the Bondi Sands tanning lotion, I ran home, quickly showered, and applied it to my skin. Honestly, it didn’t change much but I did feel more comfortable and confident. I’ve always been a girl that advocated for feeling comfortable in who you are and the fact that “nobody’s perfect.” But, if something as small as buying a tanning lotion, which is completely healthy for your skin, makes a positive difference in the way you see your body, go for it! In my personal experience, I have found a pathway towards body positivity. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m protecting myself from the harmful UV rays from the sun and tanning booths.

For anyone looking to start fake tanning, a few of my favorite products are shown below.  

fashion638437_xlarge_1Autograph Tan -Self Tan51uWOLdPxiL._SY355_



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