Are You More Stylish than a 7 Year Old?

Meet Coco, the seven year old Japanese fashionista and Instagram star. Coco is taking over Instagram with over five hundred thousand followers who are obsessed with her outfits, attitude, and couture lifestyle.







The seven year old’s interest in fashion did not come as a surprise to her parents. Coco and her family moved to Harajuku, the youth-oriented and street-fashion crazed neighborhood, when she was only three months old after a devastating earthquake in Fukushima in 2011. As she grew up, Coco learned the true appreciation of self-expression through clothing due to spending most of her time in her parents’ vintage store, Funktique.

In her adorable outfit of the day pictures, Coco takes streetwear to a whole level and effortlessly rocks designer brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and even hypebeast’s clothing like Supreme and Helmut Lang. Her bold outfits definitely gain the attention of several people with eye catching colors and prints.

The seven year old is gaining even more international popularity after her photoshoot with ELLE magazine, where she styled herself in Dior and Chanel.


You can follow Coco on Instagram @coco_pinkprincess and be caught up on her fashion-forward outfits and maybe even find your next outfit inspiration.

-I.C. 5


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