Animals are not fashion

Wearing fur coats and leather boots are very fashionable and are in style right now, But is it really worth it to harm animals?  At least 1 MILLION animals are killed every year. Would you want to wear an animal that you might have once dreamed about having as a pet?  Most likely the answer would be no.  In so many different countries they impregnate a cow  and drag away that baby animal away from their parent just for our fashion trends. There are so many different clothing options that you can choose from. Let alone that when they are getting producing your fur or leather clothes they actually spray chemicals on it so it doesn’t get bad or decompose in your closet.  killing animals is not worth your clothes and all the chemicals that are on them isn’t good for you or anything else. There are some hazardous chemicals being out on your coats. Think about the next time you wear one of these clothing items and think about if you would want to wear something that was made out of one of your pets. We need to stop the production of these clothes and harming animals just to satisfy our needs of fashion.

Image result for fur coatsImage result for leather boots made out of cowImage result for clothes made out of animals



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