On My Block: The Show Everyone Should Watch!

Do you not know what to watch on Netflix? Are you tired of watching the same 5 episodes of “The Office”? Well you should watch “On My Block”.  The Netflix original aired March 16th and since then has gained some popularity. The show is set in South Central, LA and follows the lives of new high school freshmen: Monse, Ceasar, Jamal, and Ruby. From gang relations to school dances to messy teenage love; this shows got it all! Not only is the show humorous but it also features an all POC cast which in my opinion, is great. It is something needed on TV and was long overdue. The show is an easy binge with only 10 episodes lasting 30 minutes. Netflix has not promoted this show as it has with previous shows like “Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons Why”. Which is why i am trying to tell as many people as I can. It features a good soundtrack that flows with the show nicely. This show really has it ALL. 10/10. Netflix has not announced a season 2 and fans are waiting anxiously.

download   AP2




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