Feeling Grown-ish?

I have recently completed the first season of the dazzling, creative and lively show, Grown-ish. This Freeform entertainment tells the story of Zoey Johnson as she takes on her freshman year of college. The series of episodes not only portrays the stories of her boy drama, party fouls, making friends, and trying new things but also shows her fellowship at Teen Vogue.

Season 1 episode 8 is Zoey’s first day at the fellowship of her dreams. Zoey is beyond excited to be working in the fashion world and to be working with other teens who love fashion just as much as she does. After a couple days of working side by side with the other passionate peers, Zoey is chosen to shadow Teen Vogues Editor-in-Chief. Zoey is starstruck by this promotion and doesn’t second guess to spam her social media with the good news. Zoey ends up loosing everything she gained because of one mistake but her eyes are opened in the end to the do’s and don’ts of professionalism. Watch season 1 of Grown-ish and experience Zoey’s passion for fashion and challenges through freshman year.




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