Virgil Abloh becomes Louis Vuitton’s newest Artistic Director

C3729CC3-4249-407A-A7C3-D9762A98B1D1.jpeg27864CFD-FF7F-4830-BB83-99A85C40D849.jpegThe founder of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, has recently been appointed to Artistic Director of its menswear. Louis Vuitton is one of the most recognizable brands, so it is very much a big deal for the fashion consumed people and for Virgil Abloh himself. Virgil himself had stated that “this was always a goal in my wildest dreams”. This has also been very rejoiced throughout the African-American community as this stands as a form of representation for the community in the world of fashion which isn’t exactly full of minorities. Some other people aren’t too happy with his new job as Off-White is sometimes considered a street wear brand and Louis Vuitton a luxury. His new job is also being called a “collaboration” because Louis has collaborated with the streetwear brand Supreme, so this statement is somewhat used as a jab. Virgil has also stated that he has laid out the groundwork for the fashion house already. We can’t say much now since there’s nothing to be shown, but until the next menswear show we can only praise him for receiving this high honor.



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