Brushean uses UV-C light to clean Makeup Brushes


I know we have all have been super lazy when it comes to cleaning our makeup brushes. We tell ourselves that we’ll clean them tomorrow. But then the next day we end up saying the same thing, and days eventually roll by and they never get cleaned.
This new product, Brushean, just answered all of our prayers! It is a medium-sized cup, that in FIVE MINUTES, uses UV-C sterilization and kills 99.9% of all bacteria that could have caused you to breakout!
All you have to do is put the dirty brushes into the Brushean, and with a click of a button, they come out as new! No prior washing is required. Let Brushean cup do all the work!
What’s even better is that Brushean’s hydraulic lift function and dust containment help ensure that brushes are stored in a clean environment. So cool!
Unfortunately, Brushean is still in its development phase and won’t be available in stores, until December 2018. However, through Kickstarter, with a donation of only fifty dollars, you can receive the Brushean early! So now you can spend your valuable time as you please, not having to worry about cleaning ur makeup brushes.


Written By: MS5


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