Trench Coats: The New Thing

Trench coats have always been a classic- Burberry making the first ever coat and making a huge business out of it. They have been around since the 1850s, but lately they have been making a come back in the fashion world. With many different styles such as double breasted, raglan sleeves, and the different sizes of epauletts (the collar of the coat) the new trend is found on many A-List celebrities and is found on the most recent fashion week runways. Not your typical trench coat can be seen out and about on the streets. Coats made of leather, vegan snake skin, and plastic are all types of trench coats  people may wear. Trench coats are a staple piece in a person’s wardrobe; you can dress up, or down, whichever your preference is. The classic color of the coat goes with everything: jeans, sneakers, boots, heels, etc. The trench coat limits no season or occasion, you can wear it anywhere you go. So, grab yourself a trench coat. You’ll thank me later.


Image result for trench coat fashion weekRelated image


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