Nike takes the track

Nike clothes have become the new fashion for any athlete. Every kid has to have the brand Nike or it “not cool”. Even thought its just a brand name you could go to Ross or Walmart and get good athletic clothes with good fabric and sturdy clothing, but Nike has been staying on top with coming out with new and more colorful clothing apparel. A Lot of markets have had a lot of weaknesses in recent months, Nike has been holding up well and they are even reaching record levels as demand for its products continues to expand. Nike is also a staple brand, catering to both athletes and athleisure. They have a strong international  growth too. You can wear Nike clothes any where and any time. Especially in the spring and summer time you will see girls working out and hanging out outside wearing Nike shorts and cute pattered sports bras. You can mix and match any Nike clothing and look fashionable wearing athletic clothes. Nike is off the charts and super affordable if you got to Ross or Macys , The Nike store is a high price but their clothing is worth it for the new trends and it is very comfortable.

Image result for nike sports bras  Image result for nike sportswear cute Image result for nike sportswear cute




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