Rihanna’s Makeup Tutorial

Rihanna, pop superstar, makeup mogul, and all-around icon, recently shared a  10-minute makeup routine for Vogue that shows us a first look at new Fenty Beauty products and people are loving it. The video shows a real perspective of Rihanna’s routine done by herself without makeup artists or professionals. Since posting the video to Vogue’s YouTube channel it has received over 6 million views from people wanting to see how the famous singer gets her makeup to look so fabulous. The entertaining and in depth video highlights new products like her  “Beach Please” eye shadow duo and the Match Stix contour stick. The video coincides with her appearance as the cover girl of the June issue of Vogue. The video gives you the impression of celebrities are “just like us”, which is a theme we see common in many magazines to promote the naturalness of their lives, and the very natural setting of her bathroom gives you just that. The unfiltered, real vibe of the video leaves us just wanting more. What would we do in a world without Rihanna?  Rihanna’s Epic 10-Minute Guide to Going Out Makeup



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