Summer Fashion Quiz

Summer is here and it is time to dive into the newest fashion trends of this summer. Take this quiz to find your perfect summer outfit.

This summer do you plan to…

A) Go to the beach

B) Go to Concerts

C) Go sight-seeing

D) Go to the club

What is your spirit animal?

A) Panda

B) Tiger
C) Owl
D) Dog
If you were to paint your room a new color what would it be?

B) Yellow
C) Gray
D) Blue

If you could travel anywhere which would it be?

A) Anywhere with a beach
B) Thailand
C) Israel
D) Greece
If you scored mostly A’s: You are super chill. Pack some shades, a crotchet top, jean shorts, and flip flops on  your beach trip.Image result for crochet top outfit

If you scored mostly B’s: B stands for Bold! Hey girl your bold personality should match your summer outfit! Wear bright and bold colors. Related image

If you scored mostly C’s: Everywhere you go you love to take pictures and surround yourself within nature. Wear some cute and comfy clothes on your next adventure.  Image result for tourist outfits cute

If You scored mostly D’s: F is for fun! You love having a good time and always make the best out of every situation. Wear some fun clothes that show off your fun flare. Image result for party outfits




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