How Taking Off Heels Makes Women Stand Taller

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     As the annual Cannes Film Festival came to an end this past weekend, there should be one woman who remains the talk of the event. That woman is Kristen Stewart. Many remember her as the girl who played Bella in The Twilight Saga, but from now on she will be known as the actress who removed her heels in the area where it was required to wear them. Because Cannes is such a prestigious event, there is a strict dress code which mandates that women wear heels, which are not everyone’s style and certainly aren’t comfortable.

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     This protest known as “Heelhate” began back in 2015 when 50 women weren’t allowed on to the red carpet at a movie premier, due to their lack of proper footwear. The solidarity continued in 2016 when Julia Roberts went barefoot and Kristen Stewart wore flats to the film festival. The protest arose when it became evident that women in fashion are often sexualized or scrutinized for wearing more comfortable apparel. As for heels, they are usually uncomfortable or difficult to walk in. It is no secret that a large part of women’s fashion is to please men, and heels are no exception. The higher the heels, the more sex appeal. When Stewart removed her heels and was denied access to the event, her reply was priceless: “Neither is my friend. Does he have to wear heels?” (Insert mic drop here).



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