Water Bottles: Necessity and Accessory

H20. The essential to staying healthy and, of course, alive. Alongside the new fads of being organic/vegan/vegetarian, is the new craze of being healthy. People are attending the gym, eating healthy, and following hundreds of fitness+wellness pages on social media. However, there are a lot of people who are just supporting the popular athletic look. One of the main accessories that many people have recently begun repping is a statement water bottle. Forget the clutch! Here’s my new yeti! Despite the high prices of many of these new bottles, people will spend the money to keep their water cold and look cute doing it. Many of the top brands include-

-Yeti- $34.9912-colors-30-oz-yeti-tumbler-rambler-cups

-Tervis- $20.00f1036893ae07a14012a2fd9ae5b7684a

-Swell- $35.00


-Hydroflask- $40



You can also find a lot of off-brand alternatives that will look cute, keep your water cold, and won’t break the bank. Many companies make products that look exactly like the four products listed above. Although the brand could add a reputation bump, is it really worth the money?

Places To Find Knockoffs-






Stay hydrated and stay cute with your new water bottle!




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