In 2018, it’s very brave to post an Instagram picture without editing it at all. With all the editing apps and filters people buy, it sometimes leaves everyone thinking if they should up their game on their posts. Don’t worry though, because if you want to improve your feed, here are some easy tips!


IMG_1599   IMG_1603

Now when comparing, which Instagram is more appealing and more put together? You guessed it, it’s @aspynovards! Having a theme gets more attention to your followers and it also receives more likes!


unum Unum is an app that helps you make the feed that you aspire. The app shows you when it’s the best time to post based on your followers. It also helps you create the feed you want before you actually post it.


It’s really that easy and simple! Now you can choose what theme you want, maybe more of a dark and calming feed, or something that screams joy and is colorful. It’s all up to you!



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