Tennis Fashion Is The New Trend This Summer


Fashion trends have been on a wide spectrum over the couple of years.  But now it seems like the next fashion trend may be coming from a unlikely place. Atheisure is a  fashion trend in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities. But it’s moved past the leggings , and sports-bra mentality.  Now brands are moving into a new phase and Tennis seems to be who they are tailoring too.  Outdoor voices  just debuted its first-ever tennis collection a project that founder and CEO Tyler Haney says has been in the works for about 14 months. Outdoor Voices’ entrance  into tennis apparel comes hot on the heels of another tennis-adjacent milestone for the brand the introduction of the Exercise dress. At the core of both this garment and its tennis collection is a fascination with the A-line silhouette which Haney believes is at the root of sport’s recent come-up in summer fashion trends: There’s “an ease” to that style that translates “on all different body types,” she says, which makes it an appealing canvas for a designer.

The sport’s relationship to fashion isn’t exactly new.  Serena Willams  just launched her first-ever solo clothing label, which has sporty undertones but isn’t overtly tennis-related. But it seems to be particularly present  for the summer shopper. If you are inserted in adding any of these new trends to you closet you can head to OutDoor

 Written by: MS5


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