Steve Madden Sneakers

There has been a new trend in the fashion industry. With new runway shows all over the country. Steve Madden has released a new line of shoes. Most of them are sneakers with high bottoms. And the colors used are white, soft pink, silver, black, grey. And there are different textures for the sneakers. Some are silk, some are suede. These sneakers with laces or slip-on have been seen as the new trend. Some even include pom poms and laces made of silk.



Nothing is more annoying then an old worn out sock. There are probably holes in the soles and they don’t keep your feet warm. Well if your looking for some new socks your can look no farther, Bombas has you covered. The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word bumblebee. This company makes some of the best sock out there. They launched their company with the goal of fixing the problem of high demand for socks in homeless shelters. So for every pair you buy they give on to a homeless shelter. To do this, however, they had to redesign the whole sock to a game changer. When doing this the first priority was comfort. So they picked the most comfortable material, Extra Long Staple Cotton. This keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and moister wicking properties. Then they took out the seam of the sock because those are never comfortable when wearing a tight shoe. Their is  reinforced foot bead built for comfort and a tiny ankle tab so you will never get blisters. Next they put in a honeycomb design in the arch of the foot for the most support where needed most. These at just some of the improvement that they have made. You can find the rest on their website I have a pair  of these socks and cannot get enough of them. They are comfortable and good quality. Best of all they are for a good cause and every time I wear them it makes me happy knowing I have helped someone in need.


The Bombas logo and its mission statment

Bombas Logo

This is a picture of all the cool new technology of the Bombas socks.

soak-tech-new Bombas

Swimming into Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner so get ready, put your flip flops on, and head to the beach! Provided are some of the top trends in swimwear for the 2017 season. Many trends include high neck lines,white and light colors and patterns, side cut one pieces, side tie bottoms, and cheeky bottoms. Although these are many of the popular trends, swim wear is a very flexible fashion industry and many trends stay for long periods of time. these same trends have stayed the same more or less for the past ten years. One trend in particular, the one piece, has skyrocketing back into style. One pieces are seen on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Kourtney Kardashian. Spring and Summer have officially been kicked off with the PINK Spring Break Party in Cancun Mexico. The Party included beach and pool partying and the launching of the new styles of Victorias Secret and Pink for the 2017 season.So get excited put on some beach music, and start shopping for Spring Break! J.G


The Clothing Swap

Today was the first ever Lake Braddock student clothing swap! The Fashion Ambassadors put together the idea to dedicate a bruin block (free period) to spend “purchasing” clothes that other students donated in advance. Every student that donated clothing was given up to five tickets, which was used as “money” – one ticket = one clothing item.


The Clothing Swap was only open to marketing students, so although the turn out was on the smaller side, it was a successful day. So successful that after today, the Fashion Ambassadors decided to host another Clothing Swap, but this time open to the whole school! Keep your eyes open Lake Braddock and make sure to clear your schedule on June 9!


The Clothing Swap will be back.


Overall your Overalls are IN!!

Do you ever feel like you’re desperate not to find a whole outfit to piece together? Well this is where overalls come in hand. It’s a one simple body piece and you only need to find a piece of clothing for underneath, now isn’t that helpful! Overalls are making a slight comeback in the fashion industry. Also having varieties of different kinds of overalls to fit anyone’s style. Speaking of varieties, overalls don’t just have blue denim. There’s black, dark blue, light blue, white, grey, and washed out denim. Furthermore, overalls have many styles to spice up your outfit; short, long, rips, prints, etc. With spring approaching, overalls are the way to go for pairing it with the right weather. Now see what mode and style you’re into and find your perfect overalls!


Revamp your style this spring

Due to the spring season finally arriving, fashion has changed slightly. Spring is now the time for brighter colors and more open clothing and time to hang up your heavy coats and boots. The spring is a great time to feel free to change your look as it’s nature’s own rebirth. Bright greens, blues, and pinks make for a great tag-in for your winter collection’s cooler pallet. You can never go wrong with a floral and stripped patterns in the spring time. The weather is even enough the majority of the time to get away with either shorter clothing or open toed shoes. The spring should be the time to be more confident with your own style and the time to try something new. You may be surprised at what just one little change can do in the grand scheme of things.

Image result for spring fashionImage result for spring fashionImage result for spring fashion mens


GQ- Covering Models and The Importance of Equality

For decades, even centuries, people of the LGBTQ+ community have been discriminated against and devalued just for being who they are. Recently in 2017, we as a society have been trying to fix the previous judgement and prejudices of others by creating an environment that loves and appreciates all, no matter who they are or what they identify as. GQ magazine is a perfect example of how we are changing society today. Andreja Pejić, a transgender model, will be the first transgender model on not one, but TWO covers of GQ Portugal’s magazine. Not only is this a huge accomplishment for her, but it also helps pave the way for other LGBTQ+ people in fashion and in general. Andreja is humble and honored to be where she is now, but we should be honored that we have the opportunity to live in a time where we can experience this much-needed change. Hopefully we can have more diversity in fashion not only featuring gender and sexuality, but maybe even race and other things as well. 2017 just started, but it already shows so much promise. -ED 🙂

Andreja Pejic fronts the April 2017 edition of GQ Portugal.