Pura Vida: Living Life to the Fullest


Ever seen one of these on your friend’s wrist? Well, if you haven’t been introduced these fun, colorful, and simple bracelets are Pura Vida bracelets. Pura Vida or “pure life” in Spanish is the outlook on life with “appreciation of life’s simple treasures.” These bracelets have gained popularity as these adornments have become available in countless boutiques. Durable to the elements Pura Vida bracelets are waterproofed by a wax coating and adjustable. Not only have these bracelets been handcrafted they come in a multitude of colors, styles, and even with charms! Along with the plentiful options and ability to create a set of the bracelets Pura Vida also has a Charity Collection. The collection has donated over one million five hundred thousand dollars to charities including: Boarding 4 Breast Cancer, Disaster Relief Fund for the American Red Cross, ALS Disease Awareness, and NEGU (Never Ever Give Up!). So for a charming gift for you or your friend Pura Vida goes with anything and everything!










Bold Outfits for the Cold

             Fall is starting to arrive and you know what that means. Cold weather!!! You cannot wear your shorts and tank tops anymore, you need clothes that will make you warm and toasty. Just because you are wearing more covered-up clothes, that doesn’t mean it can’t look cute. You could wear a cute skirt with tights underneath, and a cute long sleeve sweater. If you want to give more of an edgy cute look, you could wear ripped jeans, flannel, cropped top, and a beanie. Not only is it cute and stylish, but it makes you look cool and hip. if you want to lean towards a lazy but cute look, all you need is some comfy leggings, a big sweater and some cute knee high boots.


              After fall it becomes winter and it will be even colder, which means you really need to wear clothes that will make you warm so you don’t freeze. There are many outfits you could wear that will still look cute but also toasty. You could wear a long tunic, legging and a scarf. What i always say is if you need something to add pizzazz to your outfit, then put on a scarf. On the chilly days, you could wear some jeans with a big coat and a warm beanie. No matter how cold it is, that shouldn’t stop you from looking your very best.










The North-face brings on Winter

Don’t you want to be stylish and warm this winter? Then get yourself a North-face because winter is just around the corner.  Everyone just can’t wait to stock up on their North-faces.  The North-face is a clothing company that provides warming clothing for cold weather. The North-face comes in many styles and sizes and it brings comfort for all. You can buy all sorts of products like shoes to outdoor activity requirements. The price is fair and the products are very durable. Whenever you see North-face up and around that means winter is just coming.


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champion’s comeback

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Champion is an old school brand that has made a comeback in these past years. Champion is a brand for authentic athletic wear that varies from sweatshirt, hoodies,t-shirts, etc. Originally, Champion was sold at Walmart for an inexpensive price and is now currently being sold overpriced at stores such as Urban Outfitters. I remember not too long ago when Champion was sold at Walmart for $15 a hoodie and is now found at Urban Outfitters for $50 for quadruple the price. Personally, I think the brand came back because people have noticed that their favorite celebrities have been wearing the hoodie or sweatshirts and decided that they needed one for themselves. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Kanye, DJ Khaled, and many more have been seen wearing Champion clothing a lot. Champion over the years has also improved with the quality of their clothing.Before, the sweatshirt may have lasted a year or so and the quality may have started to worn out but now if you were to compare the quality, you would definitely be able to tell a difference. I own a Champion sweatshirt of my own and I personally think it is something everyone should have in their closet.- NK5

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Fenty x Puma Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

How Rihanna Turned New York Fashion Week Into Her Personal Runway
FENTYBeauty is most known for its arrival of the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and it’s amazing extent, which incorporates 40 unique shades. The portrayal appeared all through the crusade has had an effect on dark ladies around the globe and featured the issue of restrictiveness of these ladies in media and the excellence business, which has been an issue for whatever length of time that the magnificence business has been standing.
Rihanna was even observed discussing the significance of this shade go and has even advanced these shades on her Twitter account. She makes a colossal accentuation on the significance of making items comprehensive for all skin tones and sorts.

Mom Jeans Make a Comeback

“Mom Jeans” became popular in the 80’s and 90’s, and in the late 90’s early 2000’s they went out of style. In the 80’s and 90’s these jeans were considered to be unfashionable and unflattering. Recently they’ve grown more popular, and everyone is wearing them. “Mom Jeans” are light washed, high wasted jeans that fit loosely around your ankles. They are usually worn to give off a simple look. Many people wear them with t-shirts, sweaters, and button ups. They are very casual and comfortable, and they make any outfit look put together. These jeans go with pretty much everything. They look great with boots, sneakers, flats, sandals, and so much more. So next time you don’t know what to wear, just grab a pair of mom jeans and a top and you’ll be set!  OGF2

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Tyler, the Creator’s New FW17 Collection

Today marks three weeks since Rapper and Designer Tyler, the Creator’s GOLF, debuted their 2017 fall/winter look-book. Almost imminently after the look-book dropped, it gained tons of attention from both the music and fashion community. Odd Future’s company was first created in 2010 and has used their hip-hop and skater styles to inspire their clothing. The collection itself is a mix of bright colors and pastels in fun prints and patterns and put onto tract jackets, cargo shorts, t-shirts, and of course the brand’s iconic GOLF logo hats. As for the store opening, it was just as much of an art exhibit as a line launch. Celebrities and friends of Tyler such as Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, and all the other members of the OFGWKTA group could all be found at the opening party on Oct. 15th.