It Starts with Us

    I am seventeen years old. I work for my own money at a part-time job as a server. If I need clothes, the clearance section is the only place my means allow me to shop. In fact, after a good few months, I went this past weekend. I bought a dress, two shirts, and two pairs of leggings from Forever 21. My bill was $17.49. How much money went into the production of this? How much did the 3 trillion dollar fashion industry profit from my purchase?

    I do not care about any of these questions. Knowing these answers will not benefit me. However, that is not where the questions stop. What was The True Cost of my clothes? The tags all say it “Made in Bangladesh,” my country. I used to feel a sense of happiness. Yes! My people will also, one day, live the way I live. With the economy running and so many people employed, there is no way Bangladesh will remain undeveloped.

   That is not the case. People are working at buildings with cracked foundations to go home to their disabled children because of the use of pesticides in the cotton. The amount of money I make in a month is not fathomable to so many people in my country. One thousand people should not die because a building collapsed. I bought $17.49 worth of clothes. I am wearing one of those items as I write this. I too played into the system where only a few pennies of my purchase went to those who made it.

   Now it’s our turn, no matter how small, to make small changes. I can’t afford high-end brands, maybe no even fair-trade clothes, but I can go thrift shopping more. I can consume less. The most important thing to do is to remain aware and let others become aware. I found two articles that give an insight into a world I was blind of. Please do take a look. People are worth more than getting crushed under sweatshops, and it all starts with us.


“The ethical fashion industry can’t forget about women of color in the U.S.”

“I’m An Anti-Sweatshop Protester — Here’s Why I Wear Fast Fashion”

The True Cost Trailer

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Kylie Jenner’s Holiday Makeup Launch

Kylie Jenner will be releasing a new make line called the Silver Series just in time for the holidays. Even though she came out with the Naughty or Nice palette in November  for the holidays she had more surprises in store. Her new Silver Series features 30 different concealers for various skin colors even though many people are saying that her idea came from Fenty Rihanna’s makeup line. Her shades differ from ” fair to deep dark”.  Her holiday line  also features 20 brand new lipsticks highly pigmented and “hydrating with a creamy satin finish”. There will be many different shades such as peachy Sherbet,  and Fiery Pomegrante. But what’s causes the most controversy is her new makeup brushes. Kylie plans to release a 16 piece make brush. These brushes offer a variety of sleek looking brushes but many blogs, and fans have taken to social media to express there opinions on the pricing. Kylie’s brushes cost 360 for the set. But prices vary depending on purchasing them separately. You can find all of these products on Kylie’s Cosmetics on December 13.

Written By: MS5


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Spring Trends, According to NYFW- and How to Bring Them Home

We all know that we could probably never see ourselves wearing some of the outfits we see during NYFW. Designers like to throw some crazy things our way, and while this may very well appeal to super rich vogue editors, it’s just not for us. However, we can take some of these ideas and turn them into trends that would better appeal to our area and the middle class fashionistas of America.

Some trends that were common during NYFW were neon colors. While we probably wouldn’t chose to wear an oversized neon green bomber jacket, we can take trends such as these and make them more personalized. For example, try buying one neon item of clothing and create the rest of the outfit based off that item. It’s a lot more original and won’t make you look like a walking lime. Another example is the transparency trend. You probably don’t want to walk around high school in a nearly completely transparent outfit, but stores such as Lululemon sell leggings with parts that are transparent. Taking parts of different trends, or even combining some trends, could lead to new trends being created. Who knows, you could be a trendsetter!






Are You More Stylish than a 7 Year Old?

Meet Coco, the seven year old Japanese fashionista and Instagram star. Coco is taking over Instagram with over five hundred thousand followers who are obsessed with her outfits, attitude, and couture lifestyle.







The seven year old’s interest in fashion did not come as a surprise to her parents. Coco and her family moved to Harajuku, the youth-oriented and street-fashion crazed neighborhood, when she was only three months old after a devastating earthquake in Fukushima in 2011. As she grew up, Coco learned the true appreciation of self-expression through clothing due to spending most of her time in her parents’ vintage store, Funktique.

In her adorable outfit of the day pictures, Coco takes streetwear to a whole level and effortlessly rocks designer brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and even hypebeast’s clothing like Supreme and Helmut Lang. Her bold outfits definitely gain the attention of several people with eye catching colors and prints.

The seven year old is gaining even more international popularity after her photoshoot with ELLE magazine, where she styled herself in Dior and Chanel.


You can follow Coco on Instagram @coco_pinkprincess and be caught up on her fashion-forward outfits and maybe even find your next outfit inspiration.

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Best Dressed: Oscars 2018

The Oscar season is officially over but the new iconic looks aren’t! For today’s blog, we will not be showing the nicest outfits. We are showing you the looks that were the most talked about and who outstood the most from Sunday night. After looking at the outfits, comment down below and rank these looks from your favorite to least favorite! Here we go! Get your popcorn ready!

Emma Stone


Although Emma took a different route this year, she still managed to give a simple, sophisticated, and a sleek look with her silk pantsuit that was more eye-catching than a good chunk of the people who dressed up even more than her.


Chadwick Boseman


Wearing Givenchy, Boseman outstands the carpet by giving a fresh and new look based on his recent movie, Black Panther.


Gal Gadot


Gadot brings a bold and fierce vibe to the Carpet will her metallic dress and the classic red lip giving it a modern twist.

Eiza Gonzalez


Keeping it simple, it still made one of the most eye-catching looks from the Carpet. Although there was a lack of yellow at the Oscars, Eiza made it all up from her enchanting looks.


Supreme’s Most Coveted Week 2 Drop

Today’s Supreme drop includes some of the most anticipated items of the season. The studded Acro leather jacket and the Vans Skull Pile sneakers are among them. The jacket was the first ever Supreme SS18 teaser that was posted on Instagram earlier this month. The Vans collab features a glow-in-the-dark Liquid Blue Skulls Pile pattern in both the Sk8 Hi-Pro and Slip-on styles. The leather jacket is $698 and the shoes are $110 and $98. If you want to purchase these coveted items, you can either go to their select locations across the globe OR on their online webstore at 11:00am.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2018 Drop 2 Release Info arco leather jacket vans skull pile kith champion vetements dhl gosha burberry adidas fragment design

Supreme Vans Liquid Blue Skull Pile Slip On Sk8 Hi march 1 2018 release date info drop sneakers shoes footwear spring summer


Working The Work Pant

The retro, hipster style is one of the biggest trends this year in fashion. Ranging anywhere from “conductor hats” to colorful coats to thrifted Levi jeans; this style is finding its way into the closets of teenagers around the country. Plaid or patterned pants that resemble that of “work pants” have been a popular feat to this widespread trend. These bottoms have a put-together, in-the-office look while still boasting a fun, retro aesthetic. These pants can be dressed up or dressed down, giving them the ability to be worn by many. Plaid or “work pants” can be paired with colorful sweaters, graphic tees and staple shirts/ coats. These bottoms are a great way to spice up a wardrobe by adding a unique flare and daring pattern. Do you think you’d have the guts to try them out?

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High knee boots

Winter are perfect for knee high boots. They protect our feet from the cold. The most usual look is putting on ur favorite denim jeans with a pair of boots. If you want simple yet a sassy styling, pair your black high knee boots with an oversized sports shirt that’ll keep your look casual but 100% put together. High knee boots also go well with a simple tight dress or a mini skirt. There are many types of boots and Leather happens to still be in style. They are awesome for every kind of look. You can get a hot chic or rock look with them. Now finally It’s important to choose colors for your boots with what you are wearing. Don’t focus on lighter colors, it’ll make it look cheap. Instead choose deep or neutral colors that’ll make you look bold and stand out.