Overly Sized Love For An Overly Sized Hoodie

You don’t have to be uncomfortable to be stylish. Oversized hoodies has made its way into the fashion industry. It’s amazing because it ranges from sitting on your couch watching Gossip Girl to going out with friends! Some celebrities have even worn it on the Red Carpet! They’re a great way to stay relaxed while staying fashionable. Here are some famous people rocking overly sized hoodies:

Amanda Steeleholding-vetements-kanye-west-rihanna


As you can see many commonly known people such as Amanda Steele, Kourtney Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Kanye West and Rihanna have all worn oversized hoodies as fashion. They’re variety to choose from and you can style it all sorts of ways. Style it up or style it down is all up to you. Bella Hadid wore sneakers with hers as for Kourtney Kardashian wore heeled thigh high boots with hers which made her outfit more of a going- out look. Go buy yourself an excessively large hoodie and glam it up! C.B.

Button up skirts take over!

Along with the other adopted trends that are making a comeback from past generations, button up a-line skirts are taking a stance! This trend was prominent in the 70s and now in present day. The skirts vary in different styles and materials such as jean and corduroy. Stores have added these skirts to their collection all through out, making it almost impossible to not know someone who owns one. The buttons that run down along the middle of the dress act as a flattering accessory as well as a secure cover. These skirts are widely known for their cute and feminine vibe that they give, instantly spicing up your outfit with a little something extra. It can be worn with tank tops, t-shirts, crop tops, you name it. Why not dress up your outfit while also being comfortable because, who actually likes wearing pants? -AC


Prom Dress Disasters

Prom season is coming up and girls are struggling with finding out what to wear. Some people like shopping in stores and some online. When a few girls bought their dream prom dresses online, they turned into nightmares when they arrived looking completely different from the images they saw online. Most of these dresses are bought from websites such as Ebay, Amazon and other online websites.

fashionThe picture on the left of this prom dress seems to be nicely fitted to the body when in reality, it’s loose and gives no shape to the buyer’s body. The laced flower fabric is not laid flat and is loose.

fashionThis dress is somewhat close to the picture shown online but in reality, doesn’t look appealing. The design and color seem to be the same except for the mesh part. The mesh part of the dress does not have a type of skin tone color to it.

This proves that when you are shopping for prom dresses, don’t go online. Go to an actual store and try it on to see how it fits on you. That way, you’ll have yourself look bomb for prom!


Badgal Riri

Rihanna Robyn Fenty also knows as Riri or The Barbados babe is not only known as an international popstar but also for her very stylish looks. Rihanna made a big hit in her 2005 song “pon de replay”. Since then the singer, songwriter and actress has worked many red carpets, consistently impressing us with her major fashion risk. Rihanna’s hairstyles weren’t the only thing changing over time. Throughout the past 10 years, she went from being  a cute R&B singer to a huge fashion icon. Whether she’s a lady in gown or a puffy coat Rihanna embraces any and all trends on any giving day, she’s introducing a daring new trend or styling tricking and making it effortless. Not only is her fashion trending over the years, but popstar Rihanna has been seen on the cover of vogue magazines and even designed a debut fashion line called  “Fenty x Puma”.

~ S.F

Milan: The Source of Fashion Inspiration

Milan is a city in Northern Italy and is known as the fashion capital of the world. It also happens to be where I celebrated my most recent birthday. Fashion is around every corner in Milan. You see it modeled in storefronts and on people. Even in the airport, the Italians don’t wear sweats. The most casually dressed Italians tended to wear jeans with leather sneakers. I noticed many Nikes in colors and varieties unavailable in the U.S.

The most noticeable trend embraced in Milan was neck scarves. I personally bought one myself. I love them so much that I wish I could start a collection of them. The way scarves are used in Italy is different from how they’re used in the U.S. In the U.S, we often use scarves to keep us warm. American scarves vary in material– some are knitted wool or acrylic, while others are tightly woven silk or pashmina. In Italy, scarves are made of patterned silk and often worn to make a fashion statement. The scarves are small squares and Italian women tend to wear them knotted at the neck. Because of the scarves’ small size, they can’t be worn as a headband.

Milan also has some undesirable elements. It seemed stylish for teenagers in Milan to smoke cigarettes. I mean their clothes looked great, but they always had a cigarette in hand. Tiny dogs are popular pets in Milan and they can be seen all over running around without a leash. While in Milan, I witnessed a marathon, and people in the crowd were holding dogs dressed in costumes and wearing marathon numbers.

Despite the crime and the creepy pigeons and stray cats, I looked past all of that and focused on Milan’s fashion. -TN

Don’t Say Goodbye to Winter Yet!

As summer approaches, shoppers tend to leave winter behind without a second glance. Everyone develops tunnel vision for shorts and T-shirts, and they forget what it’s like to be a savvy shopper. Since Spring has arrived abruptly this year, this is a reminder of the things you won’t want to miss out on when the seasons change.

As we all know, businesses rely on supply and demand to make a profit. For example, in the wintertime, people buy sweaters and boots to stay warm with the cold weather. Companies react to an increasing demand for warm clothes during the winter by selling more for higher prices. They cater their marketing towards customers who want to buy clothing as the seasons arrive. In the summer, most people trade their warm clothes for lighter garments like shorts and sandals to match the weather.

It’s totally understandable to focus on the arriving seasons to purchase clothing for. Unfortunately, some people forget about how they can be fashion-forward, and cost efficient. As much as we all want to be ahead of fashion, it’s okay to look back sometimes. You can save money by purchasing clothing while the customer demand is decreasing because they tend to be priced lower.

It’s easy to be skeptical about buying clothes from last season. A lot of the time, that practice is frowned upon. Plus, it might feel risky to buy clothing for next year, especially considering how rapidly trends change. For example, bootcut jeans made a small reappearance this year, but their popularity next year isn’t guaranteed. Here’s your solution: Avoid the trendy pieces. Go for the basics! Sweaters, solid color jeans, and cardigans will never go out of style. Buying a cute sweater for next year is always a great idea, especially if you bought it on sale.

Image result for american eagle jeans half offImage result for hollister jeans half off

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you must strategize about when to buy these things. In the few weeks between the seasons, stores will advertise many sales. For example, Hollister and American Eagle often sell their jeans for half-price as the seasons change, but the sales can be brief and items may sell out quickly. If you’re interested in profiting from these sales, there are a few ways you can increase your chances of catching a sale. Primarily, it’s important to check the websites of your favorite stores daily. Sales can pop up without warning, so it’s helpful to look for them as often as you can. Additionally, you can get extra reminders about sales by downloading apps and allowing them to notify you about sales. If you check your email regularly, it’s also very beneficial to sign up for email lists from your favorite stores.

Shopping for new clothes should be fun and exciting! Don’t stress if you’ve missed a sale; there will be others. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot about planning ahead for next year. Good luck!



Make up your mind

                    The beauty trends tend to change from season to season. In the fall and winter it was known for its dark and smokey looks with a matte lip, but now it’s all about the natural look with a glossy lip. My favorite brand of lipsticks/glosses i would recommend is the Nyx butter glosses or matte liquid lipsticks from their lingerie collection, its super affordable, lasts a really long time, and has a variety of colors, and you could even find them in drugstores. A foundation i would recommend is the “born this way” by too faced, it’s a little pricey but definitely worth its price. The foundation works with most skin types and ranges from a variety of shades. As for my eyes i can never go wrong with the Kat Von D waterproof tattoo liner, and it is by far my holy grail. Some of the great palettes i like to use for any eye shadow looks would be the Morphe 35o palette, Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia, and sweet peach palette by too faced. All of the palettes are really blendable and easy to work with. Last but not least the thing that i cannot live without besides eyeliner is my eyebrows. For my eyebrows i love using the dip brow by Anastasia but a great and cheaper drugstore dupe is the e.l.f eyebrow kit, 10/10 recommend either one. -KB

kvd liner.png